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About Sminq

Sminq is solving the problem of waiting by taking physical queues online. Sminq gives you real time queue information on your mobile, making your wait 100% transparent. It removes the need to be physically present to hold your spot.

SMINQ is an acronym for "See Me In No Queue”. We see a world wherein your time is valued by making every wait transparent. With sminq you can forget following up on your services. Is my takeaway ready, has my bike been serviced or when is my turn due – Answers to these will now come pro-actively from businesses. Sminq will notify you when it is time to take action.

And yes in places with traditional queues (like hospitals, clinics, banks, restaurants etc), sminq will show you the live status of the queue and you can join these queues remotely! So on a Saturday evening, with sminq you can add your name remotely to the waiting list of your favourite restaurant and be just in time.

Waiting will now be fun!

Journey so far:

  • 1. Went live in July 2015
  • 2. 100,000+ customers have used sminq till date
  • 3. Currently active in clinics across Pune.

Key features

Join Remotely

Join the queue from anywhere. Sminq holds your spot!

Super Fast

Check availability status in seconds.


100% realtime (no offline calling).

Why Choose us

Current reservation system is broken

Maximize your business by enabling walk-ins and just in time service with sminq.

No show should not impact Business

Don’t block time and service for people who may not turn up.

Just In time service

With sminq you always can have a waiting list, if somebody doesn’t turn up simply let the next user in!

I never have queue at my outlet :(

That is ideal! Let sminq help discover your business!

On demand queue management

Busy only on certain days? With sminq you activate/de-activate the service as you wish.

Easy Support

Get help 24/7 with 99.99% uptime.

Our apps

Sminq for users

View businesses, get many additional new features like Remote Q join,View live Q.

Live availability, doctors in Pune

Sminq for business

For businesses to manage their queues efficiently.

Sminq, Doctors in pune

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